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“Karen was a powerful anchor for me as I began clarifying my professional goals and how better to understand what I wanted from my well as how to get it.

She was instrumental in guiding clarity of my own thinking - providing an unbiased and insightful framework with which to structure my exploration. 

This would have been impossible to do on my own - Karen provided the framework, the probing, and the accountability to help me break through.  Thank you!”

- Erika, San Diego

“I would not be in the place I am today without Karen's guidance.


Whereas some coaches may give immediate advice, Karen listens and directs you through your own process to finding what outcomes will drive you to future success.... 


Thanks again for all your help in shifting my focus and working me through the mud. Couldn't be here without you.”


- Chris Taylor, San Francisco and Hollywood

I feel very fortunate to have found a Life/Career Coach like Karen Keese.  She listens carefully to find out exactly what I hope to achieve from my work with her, and my task at hand.


I appreciate her due diligence and time in investigating the obstacles I need to overcome, and goals to achieve. Karen took time to role-play with me and to assure that I understood that I could articulate my value in the future position as a key Board executive. 


I highly recommend working with Karen for assistance in sorting out your goals, decisions, and opportunities.


- H.P., Sacramento

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