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I can help you and your team realize goals more quickly and move projects to the finish line. From a single objective-setting brainstorm exercise to a deep-dive into processes, roadblocks, responsibilities, and personalities, I can work with you on a custom engagement to resolve problems and be successful.


Your goals may be:


  • Urgent and orphaned such as facilitated team objective setting and action planning, risk assessments, customer requirements or internal process definition and agreement, executive review/editing. 

  • Crucial but no bandwidth such as deep management review of projects, practices, or team dynamics, which I can do for you on-site or remotely.

  • Nuclear with customer meltdown such as a divisive team or poorly scoped or implemented project, to which I can bring objectivity, debrief stakeholders, and develop recommendations to de-escalate, recover, and succeed.  



Karen Keese Consulting
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