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Karen Keese Executive Coaching


As your coach, I partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. 



Coaching can get you out of your head and into action. You work with me to bring clarity and perspective to your choices, challenges and boundaries and to accelerate or decelerate with intention and accountability.


Leadership Presence

Having successfully navigated both fast-paced and old school tech companies, I can guide you to break through self-limitations and to listen, to ask, to risk and to lead in order to achieve your highest potential.  


Team Dynamics

Being a martial artist, I’m aware of the art of war and, although I don’t think work should be war, there are tools, skills, and principles that apply to both that I can share: starting objectively, breathing, staying present, modifying your tactics, caring for the well-being of your team, and succeeding with ease. 


Emotional Intelligence

At work, even though we might like to tell people to eff off, we can’t. Even though we may want to avoid confrontation, we shouldn’t. There are ways to express yourself appropriately for business, not too meekly or aggressively, setting boundaries, keeping relationships and not taking things personally.  

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